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Mexican Food Truck Catering: We Come to You!

Investing in your event’s catering can leave a lasting positive impression on your guests. Any event can become memorable when you enjoy delicious, quality food! Los Chilangos can help you make the best impression and host a successful event by offering flavorsome, authentic Mexican foods. Here are reasons to consider our Mexican food truck for parties.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Los Chilangos prides itself on its authenticity. Oscar Mendez, one of Los Chilango’s founders, grew up in Mexico, where he learned to prepare Mexican dishes. His interactions with his father, who prepared and sold tamales, pushed him toward the food industry and cultivated his desire to provide Mexican cuisine. Los Chilango’s food is influenced by menus passed down by Oscar’s family, so you can rest assured you’ll only get authentic Mexican foods at your party.

A Versatile Menu

You can make your guests feel appreciated and included by offering their food preferences. We offer a versatile menu to prevent our clients from settling for foods they don't prefer. For example, our tacos can include different meat choices—carnitas, pollo, and carne asada—so your pork, chicken, and beef-preferring guests can enjoy all of their favorites.

We also offer gluten-free tortillas for guests who may be gluten intolerant and vegetarian food choices for people who don’t consume meat. Our staff can also provide appetizers like chips and guacamole and sides like Mexican churros to complete the meal.

Budget-friendly Options

Organizing an event can be expensive; you incur food, venue, and décor costs. You may need to cut costs where possible to avoid going over budget. One of the best ways to cut costs is hiring a food truck instead of hiring traditional catering from a restaurant. Food trucks don’t charge overhead costs like rent or delivery, so they can offer food at more affordable prices.

Los Chilangos aims to provide fresh, delicious Mexican food at affordable prices. We prioritize pricing transparency by providing a regularly updated menu and pricing system on our website. When you hire Los Chilangos, you can get the most value for your money without compromising on quality as a host.

Convenient Delivery

Los Chilangos offers more than just quality food—we offer convenience by coming to you! Our food trucks are fully equipped to handle food preparation and serving, so you don’t need to find venues for us to prepare our dishes. We’ll park our truck at the most accessible point in your venue so your guests can easily come and order their food.

Our company also focuses on convenience by hiring plenty of catering personnel for your party. This can reduce wait times, improving people’s impression of your party.

Hire Our Mexican Food Truck for Parties

You can throw memorable events by booking our Mexican food truck for parties. Los Chilangos is one of the best food truck businesses because of its focus on Mexican authenticity, menu versatility, convenience, and affordability. We’ll help you host the best party by providing delicious Mexican cuisine at your preferred location. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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