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5 Facts About Taco Trucks

If you have a work or family event coming up and you need to feed your guests, consider taco truck catering. Hiring a taco truck for your event is an easy way to make sure your guests have an amazing meal while enjoying their time with family, friends, or coworkers. Here are five facts about taco trucks:

1. Authentic Recipes and Cooking Methods

When you compare food items for sale on different taco trucks, you might see the same items listed, but the taste of each item differs from truck to truck. That's because taco trucks, like Los Chilangos, typically use authentic recipes that are handed down from generation to generation among families. Each family recipe is slightly different from the next, making each food truck item truly unique.

Los Chilangos is proud to serve truly authentic Mexican street food made by following trusted family recipes. We prepare our food by using traditional Mexican food preparation and cooking methods. With our decades of experience, we are able to serve our customers authentic Mexico City-style street food.

2. Nutrient Rich Food

While you might of food from a taco truck as a guilty pleasure, many food items offered are nutrient-rich foods and fit perfectly into a well-balanced diet. Taco trucks provide healthy, guilt-free foods that make customers feel good. Here are a few ways taco trucks offer customers a nutrient-rich, delicious meal:

  • Homemade food without preservatives

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

  • High-protein menu options

  • Vegetarian menu options

3. Fresh Ingredients

Some restaurants choose to serve their guests frozen, premade food. Taco trucks are different because they rely on fresh, never frozen ingredients. At Los Chilangos, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality food to our customers. When you order from a Los Chilangos' food truck, you can feel confident you're being served food made with only the freshest ingredients. To provide our customers with high-quality, tasty food, we use fresh, in-season ingredients like avocados, tomatillos, and limes.

4. Customizable Orders

One of the great things about ordering from a taco truck is that you can customize your order. At Los Chilangos, we offer a variety of main dishes including tacos, quesadillas, and tortas. You can customize each menu item offered because your meal is made to order. Choose from our selection of meats including chicken, beef steak, or shredded pork. Make your meal vegetarian or gluten free by substituting the meat for beans and rice or opting for a corn tortilla. Customize your meal further by adding or removing any of our freshly made toppings.

5. Easily Accessible

Unlike traditional restaurants, food trucks can move and bring food to your exact location for parties or events. Food truck operators make their food easily accessible to a wide scope of people by regularly changing locations. With their portable kitchens, food trucks can offer fresh food and accommodate multiple events on the same day.

Taco Truck Catering by Los Chilangos

If you're looking for catering for your next event, choose taco truck catering from Los Chilangos. We offer fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine and use recipes that have been in our family for generations. Our food truck accommodates groups of any size and is sure to leave your guests happy.

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