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Why Our Delicious Sides Pair Perfectly With Our Entrées

At Los Chilangos, we offer delicious sides to accompany our steaks, buffets, taco bars, and chicken. Our taco truck catering specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine. We have catering menus for off-premise events and food truck options.

Our team also provides drop-offs, so you can order your favorite dish, and we'll deliver it to your address. The sides are designed to be irreplaceable components of the main dish. Here are three reasons why our delicious sides pair perfectly with our entrées:

1. They’re Delicious

You need sharp taste buds to pair sides with entrées without using too many flavors. The side dish can accentuate or balance flavors in the entrée to provide a delicious bite. At Los Chilangos, we have soft taco entrées with corn tortillas, rice, black beans, fresh cilantro, tomatillo, habanero, and chipotle. Our marinated pork works well with fresh pineapple, which provides a sweet and tangy taste. We also have chicken cooked in spicy adobo seasoning.

Our tacos can be street, torta, quesadilla, or burrito. We pair the entrées with delicious sides featuring grilled vegetables and Mexican churros. Our grilled vegetables include potatoes, asparagus, carrots, zucchini, bell peppers, yellow squash, and onions. They pair perfectly with Mexican churros, which have dough, cajeta filling, cinnamon, and sugar sprinkles. Our pairing results in a delicious and satisfying bite you can't get enough of.

2. They’re Satisfying

Los Chillangos uses family recipes. The entrée and side dish is the heart of any three-course meal. Our pairings are filling and packed with nutrients from different sources. You’ll find entrée menus featuring lots of protein, vegetables, and fiber. We also feature a decent amount of carbs and healthy fat on the sides. Our entrées and side dishes are healthy, nutritious, and satisfying, which is a perfect combination.

You can review our menu to see the nutrient profile. Our buffet-style catering, food truck, and office drop-offs feature meals prepared using fresh ingredients. We source ingredients from leading supplies and make sure each pairing delivers nutrients and satisfaction. Our sides pack vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that complement the entrées' primary nutrition (protein, fat, and carbs). Delicious, nutritious sides and entrées match effortlessly.

3. They’re Authentic

Every community or city has a distinct cuisine, and no kitchen covers all the recipes worldwide. You need authentic menu pairings from specific cuisines and traditions. Different seasons and occasions also feature different ingredients and recipes. At Los Chillangos, we provide authentic food truck catering menus. We have tacos, steaks, pork, chicken, rice, beans, and other authentic Mexican entrées. We pair the entrées with delicious sides, greens, and spicy sauces.

Our ingredient selection and dishes reflect North America's rich food truck tradition. We pair hearty meals and side dishes that you can enjoy alone, with family, or with friends. The plates also feature fresh ingredients that provide authentic aromas. Authentic pairings work for all gatherings, including weddings, anniversaries, parties, and formal functions.

Taco Truck Catering

If you’re looking for reliable taco truck catering for your event, Los Chilangos is here to help. We offer professional expanded catering for all banquets, including corporate events, office deliveries, cocktail receptions, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and parties. Our company can cater to special occasions for any-sized party and brings recipes with generations of culinary experience.

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