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Taco Truck Catering: An Authentic Taste From Our Mexican Roots

Whether you are throwing a party or hosting an event being catered, taking a break from the hustle can be relaxing. If you love delicious Mexican dishes, a taco truck catering service may be exactly what you need. Taqueria Los Chilangos specializes in creating authentic Mexican cuisine. Here is why you will get an authentic experience from our food.

Food Quality

Everyone appreciates and loves good Mexican food. People enjoy eating and the quality of the food can make or break an event. The best service will have a history of making quality Mexican dishes so you can get the most value for your money.

Taqueria Los Chilangos is well-known for creating exquisite Mexican street food. Our recipes and unique taste passed down by our family keep people coming back for more. We make all the dishes with love for our customers so they can enjoy the best of the best.

Customized Menu

Our taco trucks are equipped with all the necessary equipment to meet your catering needs. Taco trucks offer versatility by customizing their menus to match your needs. The equipment available on the truck and the chef who operates it provide the opportunity to make a large variety of Mexican dishes.

Our menu consists of buffet-style dishes, appetizers, and side dishes. Our catering packages include staff for 100 guests and two hours of service. We have a variety of themes and menus that focus on Mexican dishes that you and your guests will enjoy. Discover the delicious options from our catering menu. We can customize the menu to meet your requirements for a great experience.

Catering Experience

Our staff's experience in the catering industry will help to provide you with the best possible care. Our staff members have the knowledge to set up every detail for an excellent presentation.

Your guests will remember a food truck service that makes delicious dishes and provides helpful staff. Our service can leave guests with a lasting impression to help your event stand out.

Save Time

If you've ever cooked for your extended family during an event, you know how difficult it is to make food for a large number of guests. Taco truck services don't struggle with this issue. We have experience in cooking and serving large crowds.

Our catering staff does all the work so you and your guests can sit back and enjoy the experience. They take care of the cooking and serving, giving you time to attend to other aspects of the event.

We are a catering service that adapts to you, moves with you, and works for you. We strive to do our best to serve our clients delicious Mexico City style street food.

Choose the Best Taco Truck Catering Service

Hire the best taco truck catering service to make your event a success. At Taqueria Los Chilangos, we offer expanded catering for special occasions like corporate events, office celebrations, graduations, and much more, regardless of the party size. Surprise your guests with our Mexican food truck packed with soft taco buffet style and family recipes. Contact us to learn more about our delightful Mexican dishes.

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