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Reasons Why Your Guests Will Love Having a Mexican Food Truck at Your Party

Food plays a huge part in any event since it determines how well guests enjoy your party. You can pick from various catering options, but a Mexican food truck for parties is the best choice you can go with. The food truck will help satisfy your guest’s taste buds and create a memorable experience for everyone. Los Chilangos recommends these reasons why your guests will love having a taco truck at your party:


Everyone wants options that help them save money, so your guests will love the affordable foods a taco truck can offer. Food trucks provide event catering services at relatively cheaper rates than other catering options.

The affordability of their menu items does not mean that they use low-quality foods or that their services are substandard. Food trucks do not pay rent, so unlike restaurants, they maintain low operational costs. You can benefit from an inexpensive menu, but the food truck still makes a profit.

At Los Chilangos, we have affordable catering options for your events. To avoid imposing on your guests, we work with a minimum order amount and can adjust your menu to suit your needs.

Convenient Catering Choice

Food trucks take care of everything, from food preparation to transport, servers, and clean-up, leaving your guests with a stress-free experience. All these catering services come at a single pre-agreed price which will be convenient for you and your guests.

The trucks go at a pre-designated spot in your event venue to make sure every guest can access food. Convenient and consistent access to food improves guest satisfaction at your event.

Los Chilangos employ more servers and catering personnel to make sure your guests are served quickly and efficiently. This reduces the wait time for each order and verifies that everyone gets their food hot.

Versatile Menu

Traditional catering options offer limited menu options, but food trucks boast versatile options. Each guest has unique tastes that the different menu items seek to offer.

The Los Chilangos menu includes food items like tacos with different meat choices, including Carne Asada, Carnitas, Pollo, and Al Pastor. You can get different appetizers and side options to fit all your preferences. Our versatile menu will make your guests feel appreciated and included.

Unique Addition to Your Event

The signs, graffiti, and fun décor on a food truck make it aesthetically appealing. A good-looking taco truck is a creative way to add to the decor of your event. Your guests can take photos with the truck while they wait for their food. Local entrepreneurs run Los Chilangos, so your guests will likely see friendly neighborhood faces serving them.

Hire A Mexican Food Truck for Parties

Catering for events can be stressful as you must consider every guest’s taste and preference. Hiring a Mexican food truck for parties provides a versatile menu to fit your guests' needs. Taco trucks at your event will make serving convenient and make sure your event is memorable.

Los Chilangos is your trusted food truck catering company offering authentic Mexican street food options. We customize our menus to fit guest needs at your party. Contact us today to request a quote.

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