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How to Throw an Awesome Mexican Themed Party

Don't wait for Cinco de Mayo to throw an awesome Mexican-themed party. With all the festive colors, refreshing drinks, and delicious foods associated with the culture of Mexico, anytime is perfect for hosting a fiesta. Hiring a Mexican food truck for parties will give you more time to focus on your guests instead of spending all day in the kitchen.

The Décor: Keep it Colorful

Nothing sets the tone of a party like the decorations. Skip the cliché's and focus on bright colors and textures that evoke the vibrant Mexican landscape and cultural heritage. Use a traditional Mexican blanket as a table runner and adorn it with potted cactus, baskets of fresh green and red chilies, and small rustic vases filled with handmade paper flowers. Don't forget the traditional fiesta garlands. If your party is outdoors, string them over your deck or yard to create an authentic party atmosphere.

The Music: Feature Authentic Mexican Musicians

No party is complete without music. Consider hiring a Mariachi band and maybe even a group of folkloric dancers to entertain guests before dining. For dancing, choose the music of Mexican artists such as Carlos Santana or El Tri if you prefer rock (referred to as rock Nacional in Mexico) or one of the many styles of traditional Norteño folk music. Mexico's classical music dates back to the 16th century, and Latin alternative music combines rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. No matter what genre of music you prefer, you'll find Mexican artists to feature at your party.

The Food: Say Yes to Hiring a Mexican Food Truck for Parties

Unless you have extensive training in preparing Mexican cuisine, let the professionals take care of the food. Having a food truck cater to your fiesta is fun, budget-friendly and ensures your guests will enjoy authentic fare like street tacos, tortas, and carnitas with all the traditional trimmings. Besides the delicious food, the best thing about hiring a food truck is how easy it is. Traditional caterers can take hours to set up and break down, and they usually need access to your home kitchen. Catering trucks are self-contained. They show up ready to start cooking and take all the dirty dishes with them when they leave.

The Drinks: Think Outside the Margarita Glass

Sure, Margaritas are delicious and refreshing. They are even authentically Mexican, but Margaritas aren't the only beverage enjoyed south of the border. For alternative cocktail ideas, consider a Paloma, a Rosada, a Michelada, or a spiked ponche de frutas (fruit punch). For non-alcoholic refreshments choose from a refreshing agua fresca, the unique agua de Jamaica, or a creamy horchata. When it's time for dessert, a warm cup of traditional Mexican hot chocolate will please guests of all ages.

The Fun: Bring It!

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun. You don't have to be from Mexico to host a Mexican-themed party your friends will remember for a long time. Authentic Mexican food from Los Chilangos will help make any event more enjoyable—and more delicious—for you and all of your guests.

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